The Good News of Last Day Events

The above scenes are horrible to behold;  they depict the last scenes of this world’s history.  Yet the end of the world is good news, not bad.  We should be looking for a land where there is no more suffering, no pain and no death.  Such a place is the promise of God, yet He knows things will be bad in the last days.  Not to worry;  He has made a way of escape.  He will get us through. There are bad times to come, but God has good things planned for His people, and He will get us through the bad. 

There is a temple in heaven where Jesus the Christ went when He ascended into heaven. He is there as Our High Priest. The purpose of this web site is to present the restoration of the holy of holies. Much of the Christian world today is awaiting the retoration of the temple in Jerusalem, but will it ever be restored? 

God is Love. Jesus is coming again soon; it is the time of the end. This is good news. The restoration of the holy of holies is good news and must preceed the second coming of Jesus in the clouds. The 144,000 must be sealed and numbered. They in turn make way for the Great Multitude. (Revelation 7) Then when Jesus comes, death will be swallowed up in victory. No more suffering, sickness or loneliness. God is Love and will wipe away all tears.

God cares enough about us to reveal the future. We need to be prepared so we can work together with Him according to His plans. Restoring the Holy of Holies offered on this web site reveals the Man of Sin, the Antichrist, and the Beast of Revelation. But what we need to understand most is that the books of Daniel and Revelation were not written to frighten us but to help us partake of a great blessing from God. The underlying theme of both Daniel and Revelation is the restoration of the image of God in man. God keeps His promises, and this restoration is a promise not a threat, nor is it something that cannot be accomplished. All things are possible through the power of God living within, with the image of God restored in man, which is a total partaking of the divine image.

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Study more of God’s plan for you: Restoring the Holy of Holies

Here is what two readers think of Restoring the Holy of Holies:
“We are new Christians, eager to learn and explore God’s Holy Word.  At the time we were exposed to this book, we had attended three evangelistic seminars, and had gained some knowledge from all of them.  We started attending a Bible Study that was using this book for a closer study of Revelations.  What a blessing for us – it simplified and clarified so many issues.  It became a direct walk with Jesus through a seven act play.  The end result was knowing what Jesus is doing in the Holy of Holies.  If we are WILLING and ACTIVE partakers of God’s gift to us, we will obtain the restoration of the image of God in us.  We thank the author for his effort in helping the book of Revelation become a personal walk for us.  A MUST READ – a book you will go back to many times.”  D & R

Restoring the Holy of Holies contains many charts that clearly delineate the coming events in their order in time. Don”t be frightened, be prepared. Strive to be among the 144,000. (Rev.7,14) Cooperate with God in the retoration of His image in YOU.  If you don’t know what is needed, will you be saved in the end?  Do you kow what you need to know to be among the 144,000?  Or, will you be left behind when Jesus comes?

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Learn more of last day events: Restoring the Holy of Holies 

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